The technology pillar of BI is all of the software, hardware, and technical infrastructure that physically enables the BI solution to operate. This includes components such as servers (physical or virtual), data extraction tools, data repositories, dashboards, and reports etc. Engage has Specialized certification with Oracle BI technologies and we have implemented Oracle BI systems along with Oracle E-Business Suite around the world. In addition, we offer a certified rapid install BI solution for Oracle E-Business Suite customers to get your BI system up and running at a guaranteed fixed price and time.

We work with Oracle BI Applications (BI Apps) and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). These are Oracle’s flagship products and designed to provide comprehensive BI capability for Oracle E-Business Suite customers and also bring in data from any other source systems into one BI environment.

Making Change Happen

Begin With the End in Mind…

Benefits Realisation workstream

Central to our Change Management programme is the establishment of a Benefits Realisation workstream. What this means is simply to clearly define up front what ‘success’ looks like so there is no second-guessing later on. What are the specific measureable objectives? What quantifiable impact should our Change work have on your bottom line? These are the questions that we will agree answers to together at the beginning of the engagement. Typically, we see operational savings (time / costs) of at least 25% for key targeted processes. In other cases, it may be a goal of greater productivity. The Benefits Realization workstream empowers leaders from your team to get full visibility to the progress of the Change work at all stages and ensure your needs are being met. Whatever your objectives, we will all agree clear goals and align the entire change programme around ensuring all parties are working toward a positive result.

It is crucial to understand that implementing BI is completely different than implementing traditional transactional operational systems like ERP. BI touches on every part of the business and the specific demands placed on it may vary greatly on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it is important to empower people across your organization with a good foundation and competency of BI but allow plenty of space for flexibility and growth. BI is best done on a ‘little and often’ basis vs. a ‘big bang’ approach. Incremental steps along with a steady strategy are a recipe for success.

Our Change Management for BI will help you grow your organization’s business intelligence capabilities. Our change methodology of working through the three pillars of (1) People & Processes, (2) Data Quality, and (3) Technology will provide a solid, holistic foundation of best practice that is sustainable as your needs grow.

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