The danger here is that while traditional BI projects focus entirely on the technology being implemented, what gets ignored is the most important part… people and how they work together to utilize the technology.

The most important component of your BI Service is people-centered (not technology centered) Informatics and Business Analyst functions. It is essential to clearly define and align the balance between those who are the stewards of data (Informatics) and those who transform the data into actionable information (Analysts). One of the most common and damaging pitfalls of implementing BI is not having strong strategy and governance around these two crucial functions across the organization. We work with every business area and reconcile the business processes and objectives of each with the remit of the I.T. function and develop an alignment that progresses the organization forward.

Our Change Management for BI can help you establish best practice for roles, resource distribution, governance and compliance, and sustained capacity building to ensure your team is getting the most out of BI.

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