Change is NOT about a one-time fix of making something different than it is today. Real Change is embedding a process of continuous improvement that is flexible and adaptable to new conditions.

What is Change Management

Effective Change:
An on-going process of planning and taking actions for continuous improvement

HIT: Holistic Information Technology

HIT: Holistic Information Technology, is a Change Management and Transformation methodology for IT projects. It has been developed by our in-house team of Ph.D’s in Organizational Change and Oracle technology specialists with decades of experience implementing ERP and BI systems around the world.

HIT is based on the principle that successful IT adoption is actually People and Business led and not driven by technology alone. HIT is a holistic, collaborative approach that integrates technical components within the larger business drivers, business process, decision making, and communication dynamics of a client organization.

In short, HIT makes technology work for you and not the other way around!



More About HIT

Technology implementations can only be successful if strong people change management supports them. Effective change management is the planning and execution of decisions in such a way that all key stakeholders are involved every step of the way through the implementation. Many Oracle implementers and customers alike tend to focus almost exclusively on the technology and ignore the people-side of the equation, and this inevitably leads to project cost overruns, delays, and failed implementations.

IT Change Management

Our HIT methodology covers every aspect of change - both the technical and the non-technical for a comprehensive positive impact to your organization.

Following areas are addressed

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