BI is much more than a set of dashboards and reports. In fact, the technology of BI is only the tip of the iceberg. All of the flashy dashboards in the world won’t help if the people and departments who generate the data and turn it to useful information aren’t aligned internally and working together. The real substance behind BI lies in how different parts of your organization collect, share, and process data. BI is best utilized as a service to the entire organization, with each business area playing a role in its upkeep and improvement.

Our Change Management for BI can help your organization make the leap from just ‘running reports’ to making more efficient, well-informed decisions by transforming the way your teams internally share information.

Most organizations underestimate BI as simply an afterthought or bolt-on to their operational software applications. But the truth is good BI is critical because it provides visibility into what is actually happening both within those applications and amongst your people. BI is actually the one programme in any given organization that can touch virtually every area of the business!

BI is much more than technology

BI as a Service: Three Pillars of BI Excellence

The experts at Engage can help you develop your BI as a true service integrated with your business rather than just reports that are run from time to time. BI as a Service means aligning disparate business processes centrally along with technical tools to enable people across the organization to quickly access data, perform analysis and predictive modeling to better inform critical decision making. The philosophy behind BI as a service is to empower the business and enable people to be more self sufficient and flexible with using BI tools – and most importantly, make better informed decisions.

Our Change Management for BI can set up your organizations BI service by developing your capabilities in the three pillars of BI:

(1) People & Processes, (2) Data Quality, and (3) Technology

Three Essentials of BI Excellence

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