Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Construction

Objective: Help the client secure a £1Billion (GBP) government contract.

Situation: Enable the company to secure a £1Billion (GBP) government contract by successful rescue of a failing Oracle EBS implementation. A completed ERP system and full change management transformation for staff was a prerequisite for successful award of the government contract.

Implementation Challenges

  • Company had already begun an Oracle ERP implementation that was not fit for purpose with the company's state of readiness.
  • No documentation of current business processes existed.
  • Standard IT system configuration was a bad match with customer needs.
  • The customer and IT vendors were focused on technology and had ignored business process and change management, with were crucial for success,
  • Company never had an ERP system before, therefore a steep learning curve.
  • Top-down culture of giving orders and communication stifled collaboration for identification of best outcomes.
  • Highly dispersed workforce in the field with low IT skills.
  • Reliance on technology to solve problems with proper change management.
  • Project focus on immediate timelines and cost vs. long term advantages.

What we did

  • Performed a Project Audit of the entire project and existing suppliers.
  • Change Strategy, Programme Management, and Trusted Advisor guidance to the Project Board on overall strategy, planning, and benefits realisation.
  • Clarified overall business strategy and objectives and linked to project objectives.
  • Managed delivery of multiple internal and external work streams to improve engagement and business readiness.
  • Delivered business process design and mapping, standard operating procedures and training strategy.
  • Business Process Mapping for all departments and impacted by the IT System:
    • Document areas included in IT system functionality + areas outside and map them all together in relation to one another.
    • Administered detailed and comprehensive workshops across the business.
    • Altered business processes where appropriate.
  • Reconfiguration of Oracle system to meet business requirements.
  • Robust communications programme.
    • Established project decision-making & feedback regime.
    • Established documentation library.
    • Hosted multiple Road Show events to get the word out about the project.
  • Tied all of the above back to the business strategy.


  • Company was successfully awarded a £1Billion (GBP) government contract!
  • Developed business processes and ensured alignment with IT systems.
  • Created customer ownership and accountability in the solution.
  • Successfully rescued Oracle ERP project and delivered the R12 footprint of Oracle Financials, HRMS, CRM and multiple bespoke industry applications.