70% of IT project failures are due to poor people change management!

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Why is Change Important?

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Engage’s unique distinguishing factor is the company’s Holistic Information Technology methodology (HIT) for IT projects, which integrates strategy, business processes, technology, and communication for successful implementations.

Most other IT firms tend to focus primarily only on technology, with change management and impact on people treated as an afterthought, which significantly increases the risk of project failures (2 out of 3). Engage’s HIT approach is a practical methodology that integrates all major organizational areas that impact IT project success. Ph.D.’s in Organizational Change and Technology have developed HIT and is based on years of experience implementing Oracle ERP and BI around the world.

Our methodology is based on the latest business change and technology systems research and has been instrumental in rescuing troubled projects and ensuring our clients successfully met their business objectives. Engage’s Transformation and Change services has helped clients generate savings and new business worth literally billions!

Where Are You Now?

Q: What do these have in common?

What do these have in common


A: Change Management needed to succeed!

Change Management needed to succeed


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